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My name is Aaron

Too Expensive

I have lost 20 pounds in 21 days without any side effects due to Call core 4 by XYN. This product turned out to be much more effective than many other diet products I'd tried. I have replaced two meals a day with some lean and healthy snacks and one balanced meal to enhance the result. I'm very satisfied, and definitely give this a five-star rating! This product works perfectly.

I lost 8 pounds during the first eight days, and 10 pounds within another eight days. So, it works fine. However, you do need to follow all the recommendations and guidance, and stick to the plan, as well as to buy all their products because they're meant to be used as a set. They cost 200 dollars, which is too expensive for me, but I'm happy with the result, though very disappointed with the price. I haven't gained weight after I stopped taking these products, but if you eat high-calorie, high-fat food after completing this course, you're likely to gain weight. I had to change my eating habits to stay slim.

I have tried two products: Lean Protein powder and Global Blend juice. Both of them are amazing! The juice helps me a lot in fighting my numerous allergies, and the powder suppresses my appetite. I feel absolutely full after having a powder shake, so I don't eat a lot and don't gain weight - I have actually lost a few kilos already. I love XYN products, they give me the energy boost, a lot of vitamins and nutrients, and strengthen my immune system.

I wanted something to help me lose weight easily and fast, so I chose XYN start-up kit. The company's promises regarding one week long weight loss sounded tempting, though not very realistic, so I purchased the kit despite its way too expensive price. Well, this was a total waste of money, because the products are dangerous for the health, I had to abandon them after a few days, as they caused me high blood pressure and fast heartbeat due to their huge content of caffeine. Stay away from them for your health sake.

I was about to buy this but fortunately I did my research of the product before preordering it. The official site of the company states that XYN products are not meant for anyone under 17, for pregnant women and nursing moms, for people with cardiovascular illnesses and recurrent headaches: A product that has so many precautions seemed not very safe to me. All the products contain high levels of caffeine, which can cause a lot of side effects. And, what is scary, many distributors don't warn their potential clients about the possible difficulties and negative outcomes of using the products, they just want to sell you their stuff, so they drop such details and make us clients believe that this is absolutely safe for anyone. Do not trust the distributors, but do your research before you buy this (or any other) product, the truth can differ a lot to the stuff you may hear from the distributors. I didn't preorder Xybgular starter kit after all I'd read on their site, and I would recommend the others to be careful with their products.