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My name is Aaron

Natural Beauty Product

I like all the products from TTraditions a lot. They all taste yummy, and are very nutritious. I especially like their virgin coconut oil, and use it often: as a salad dressing, frying, for desserts and many other foods. I can't do without this product after I have become a raw vegan. I've tried several brands of such oil, but the Golden Label one from TTraditions seems to be the one of highest quality. I prefer to order it directly from the manufacturer's site, it is cheaper than purchasing this product from the stores.

I like the effect TTraditions coconut oil has on my skin and hair. I've been using it for many years in cooking, but have tried applying it to my body and hair recently. It is a great skin moisturizer, and helps to tame my frizzy hair when I apply it after having washed my hair and dried it a bit with a towel. It is a good natural beauty product. And I love the delicate coconut smell - not overwhelming, not too strong, but slight and pleasant.

I have been a long-time fan of virgin coconut oil by TTraditions, and I have tried another product by them, Organic Coconut Cream concentrate. It tastes wonderful! I like eating it right from the jar with a spoon, but it tastes even better when spread on toast. However, I have to warn those who expect it to be sweet like coconut candy stuffing - it isn't this cream contains no sugar or other supplements, which makes it very beneficial for our health, but different to the coconut stuffing and coconut cream for drinks. You'll get used to it with time.

I have tried many products from TTraditions and I like them, but this coconut cream left me very disappointed. First of all, it was hard; I had to warm it up to make it creamy and easy to spread on a slice of bread. Second, the taste was very bland and dull; I could barely tell this was made of coconut. It's more like a flavorless butter than a cream.

Their products are not bad in general, but I am not satisfied with their website at all. It is chunky, not very user-friendly, and they definitely delete all the negative comments they receive from the customers. When you navigate to their feedback section, you can see only positive reviews there, how is that possible? There are always some dissatisfied customers, even though your products are of very high quality. What's even more disturbing is that the comments have to be approved before they're published on the website. This is really dishonest.

I had issues with their customer service: it is impossible to speak to any live person when you call on the phone number they give on their site. You are told to leave a message, and then nobody calls back. I had this problem. I wanted to ask them a few questions, but nobody responded to my message. I do realize that the company is huge and has a lot of business to do, but why don't they hire more people then, if their existing employees can't manage to respond to their customers in time? I don't think it is something difficult to do for a company like this.