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Low-Calorie Food

These noodles were originally developed in Asia, but now they are popular around the world due to the special type of fiber they use. The noodles are very low-carb, rich in fiber (which assists with bowel regularity) and they contain glucomannan, which helps to control the sugar content in blood. This food is perfect for dieting! These noodles have an interesting feature: they are unique in structure and absorb a lot of water. Thus, you can have a decent portion of meal by using a very small portion of these noodles and adding some other ingredients to give them flavor (they don't have a flavor of their own). I like to have them with different sauces: the noodles absorb the sauce and acquire its flavor, so, when I pour, let's say, some oyster sauce on them, they begin to taste like some seafood. You can make it taste like fish, meat, whatever floats your boat. So, if you have just decided to go vegetarian,, but miss a good tasty piece of meat, try eating these noodles with the right sauces, like I described above. Their fleshy structure will even strengthen the feeling that you are eating something like meat! I feel full after having such a meal, but I consume very few calories. Just to warn you: don't expect and dramatic weight loss due to this product. You will need some supplements and diet pills for this, probably combined not only with dieting, but also with exercising. These noodles are mainly for those who want to lose weight gradually by switching to some low-calorie food, it's the best food for men, look http://malebiologicalclock.com/x4-labs-reviews.html.

I like the taste of these noodles - it resembles me the taste of Thai rice noodles, but these ones is zero calorie. I like to eat them with veggies and meat. Many people can find the flavor a bit strange, though, but I think it is easy to adapt. They are also a bit chewy, but not really far from the regular egg noodles, but they're much healthier than the regular pasta. I buy them from Asian Food Grocer, where they are really cheap, and there are a lot of varieties of theses noodles. Just try them, they are almost like regular pasta, but contain no calories, carb, sugar and fat. You will not notice the difference, but your body will!

I heard about SNoodles many times, and though most people claimed them to be beneficial for the health, almost all the reviews I came across mentioned their weird taste, or, as it was described sometimes "a special flavor". Others, on the contrary, said that the noodles tasted nothing special, they were much like regular pasta, but cholesterol and fat free. So, I decided to try them myself, and the truth turned out to be somewhere in between, as usual. So, I bought a pack of these in a local store, and boiled them as was described on the pack. There was no terrible fishy odor I read so many negative comments on, but there still was a slight strange smell to them, which disappeared after I rinsed the noodles. The boiled noodles didn't have any strong flavor, neither they were rubbery or too chewy. To be exact, the noodles had no flavor at all, and desperately needed some sauce to make them edible. Were they like pasta? - No, they definitely weren't. They lacked the taste of egg-and-flour pasta we are used to, and the structure was different; more fiber-y and fleshy, and sort of: gelatinous? I can't really describe the texture well; you have to try them to know. Anyway, they are closer to some sort of meat or fish substitute vegetarians might like, than to ordinary pasta. On a nutshell: do not believe the commercials that claim these to be a perfect substitute for pasta - the two products are too different; also, don't get misled by the haters who describe these noodles as something inedible, smelly, and with horrible taste. Do try Snoodles yourself, and also try different receipts for them (many are available in the internet and are not too difficult to find). I am glad that I discovered this product: it is really good for the health, and especially useful for those who keep a low-calorie diet.

I heard about these noodles from my co-worker who is always on diet, and very much into healthy eating. I had always been quite skinny, so, I never counted calories, and sometimes indulged into junk food. However, I have noticed that I am getting chubbier, maybe this is because of my age and not really healthy eating habits. So, I decided to try these zero-calorie noodles my co-worker liked so much. According to her, they would smell weirdly right after you unpack them, but the smell must go at the rinsing and boiling stage. So, I got a pack of Snoodles, opened it, and the smell almost made me vomit! And I probably would, but I used to work in a science lab and got used to unpleasant odors there. The smell was like that of rotting fish, literally. Well, I decided not to give up, but give them a chance. I rinsed the noodles, blanched them is boiling water, and dried them on the towel, following the instructions on the pack. Damn, this was quite time-consuming and tiresome! Anyway, I finished cooking the dish and tried the noodles. Well, they didn't have any terrible taste I was expecting after smelling the raw noodles from the pack. They didn't have any particular taste at all, and were somewhat rubbery. In general, there was nothing pleasant about them, but nothing too bad. People eat these noodles because they have no calories and no carbs, but they also lack any other nutrients, so, these noodles basically have no nutritional value, they just function as filler: you eat them, and your body thinks you are full. But they do nothing other than that, and they are too expensive. I paid $2.50 for one serving of noodles (this is seven ounces), while an entire pound of wheat pasta costs two bucks! To sum it up: Snoodles are really calorie and fat free, but they give no other benefits to your body. They are also a bit too expensive and somewhat hard to cook. I think cauliflower rice is a much better alternative: it contains nutrients, is cheaper and easier to prepare.

I can't understand the people who eat this crap, and especially those who claim it to be like normal pasta. I am a huge pasta fan, this is literally my favorite food; so, I decided to try these because the SNoodles are fat and calorie free, unlike regular pasta, so I expected it to become a decent pasta substitute. Well, they are nothing like pasta! These thin rubbery noodles smell unpleasantly (to put it mildly), feel rubbery in the mouth, and are almost impossible to chew. I almost threw up after taking the first bite of these. Then I tried to complement them veggies, with the same result. My husband got curious about these, too, and had the same opinion on this so-called 'pasta". We didn't even try to make our kids eat this: it is hard to get them eat healthy food and I can't imagine them eating more than one bite of these strange noodles. They're really disgusting.