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Give Them Some Time

I bought this for my mom who is 86 and in a very good physical shape for her age, but had developed some memory issues recently. The lower dose (one pill per day) didn't give her any result, so I suggested that we increased the dose, and now she's taking one pill with breakfast, and another one with lunch. The pills work, I must admit: her memory has improved, she is very organized now, I like the changes I see in her.

I like this product a lot, it does its job perfectly. I have been on these vitamins for almost 4 months and I see the significant progress. I used to be much more forgetful and disorganized, but now I have a good memory and ability to concentrate. However, the results don't show up immediately, so, do not expect the pills to work right on the next day after you started taking them. Give them some time. Also, the price could've been lower, I think, but I like these vitamins anyway.

My husband had several memory lapses and couldn't recover from any of them completely, which makes him anxious and worried. I bought these vitamins for him after I read about them in the Internet, and we are very pleased with the results. He is able to memorize and recall things well, he can start doing something and finish it without forgetting what he is doing and the anxiety he used to have. We are very happy about having come across this pill! I even started taking the vitamins myself, because I notice some memory issues in me, too.

I purchased this vitamin two months ago, and have not gotten any positive results with it, even after the two moths of using it. The manufacturer's claims are way too exaggerated, but the product doesn't make up for them at all. I still have troubles with my short-term memory; sometimes I even forget what I was talking about at the beginning of my conversation with someone, or the fail to find the words to express my thoughts.

PrevN website claims that there is a study to back up their promises regarding these vitamins, but bear in mind that it's just their own study. No independent medical studies of the product have ever been done, so we can't trust the manufacturer's claims regarding their product that is supposed to work wonders. I don't think that this pill is very harmful judging by the ingredient list, but its efficiency is doubtful. So, I don't order this product, especially for such a high price.

I used to take PrevN for some period of time to get more concentrated, but I can't tell you that this vitamin did something really good. However, it caused an unpleasant side effect: I found out that my blood pressure got higher, and my heartbeat was faster. I had difficulties running and working out as usual. I stopped taking the vitamins to see whether the effects were caused by them, and became my normal self again. No, I don't want to have anything to do with these pills anymore.