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My name is Aaron

Doesn't Work For Everyone

I had a car accident and was injured; it was long ago and I recovered from that, but since then I have been having some pain in my joints and muscles. The pain affected my ability to move, my concentration and mood, my life in general. I have tried many supplements to relieve the pain and feel better, but many of them were scum. So, when a friend of mine recommended this one to me I was quite skeptical, too, even though a friend is a more trusted source than a commercial. However, it turned out to be not that bad, I must say. I can walk and sometimes even run without any problems now: the pain has decreased significantly. Maybe this product doesn't work for everyone, but for me, it does, read more shaundona.com/prosacea-reviews.html.

I have a lot of health problems, unfortunately, so, I need to take many supplements and other kinds of medicine. None of the medical products I use is expensive, because each expensive pill has a cheaper, less advertised, but just as efficient counterpart. However, NP can't be replaced by anything else; this is the best inflammation cure I've ever tried, so I'm even okay with its price. Not only it helped me to get rid of joint inflammation, but also cured some of my food allergies (I used to have a lot of them). It is expensive, but effective and worth the price.

I started with 1 oz twice a day, and saw some positive changes in how my body felt, so I increased the dose to 3 oz a day. There is definitely the difference in how my joints, muscles, and overall body feel. I had a serious surgery that affected my condition badly, but I feel almost like a healthy person after the six weeks of being on NP, and I don't want to be without it anymore. I recommend it to everyone.

There are too many claims the manufacturer makes about their product: it seems like NP is some kind of healing potion that does wonders and cures every disease a human can have. Well, those claims sound tempting, but are exaggerated as hell, because in reality it is just a mediocre inflammation-reducing product, nothing more. I have tried it expecting it to ba a sort of all in one medicine, but it even didn't help me to deal with my skin inflammation completely: there were periods when I felt really well, and periods of aggravation (sometimes severe one).

I wanted to try this product because my friend said that it helped her husband with his joint pain. I decided to order a free bottle for myself to see whether this was suitable for me. So, I called an agent to order a free sample bottle, but that guy seemed not to hear me at all: he kept insisting on my buying two bottle, three bottles, etc. I failed to explain him that I wanted a free sample they should be giving their customers according to what is written on their website. The agent finally gave up and called another agent; she also attacked me with the offers and refused to sell me that one free bottle! I don't know how people can trust this company and their products - they can't even stand up to their advertisement!

It is just a juice, but with a very strong taste, and very concentrated. I began to suffer from abdominal pain after having been drinking it for a week, so I had to abandon this, and the pain went always soon. No other effects there to report, sorry. This product is expensive, but useless.