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My name is Aaron

Big Problem

This pill works, though not as fast as the pills which contain a lot of caffeine. However, this is not a problem for me at all: I've been looking for something more natural than those high-caffeine slimming pills (the latter are usually notorious for their numerous side effects, which is definitely not what I'm looking for). I have been able to lose 5 pounds during two weeks without changing my lifestyle and diet much, so, it is quite convenient, and it does give results. I'm happy with this pill, personally, some thekissups.com/bactine-spray-reviews.html.

This product is caffeine-free, but still it is a good fat burner. I used to take it in 2012, and I lost circa 20 pounds. It uses only natural ingredients (Glucomannan, Super Citrimax, PinnoThin Powder, and Chromax), so it won't cause any serious harm to your body, unless you are allergic to one of these ingredients. The pill was a really efficient appetite suppressor, it stopped me from overeating and emotional eating, which was a big problem for me before - I ate even when I wasn't really hungry, and I often stuffed myself with food when I was distressed, which alone caused severe weight gain. According to what I've read, this pill is not available anymore; it was replaced by Adapexin, which is said to be similar. I don't how good the new product is, but AdL really helped me to get my slim body back, I don't know why they don't produce it any longer.

I used to take these pills and I liked them. They didn't contain caffeine, which gave them advantage over many other diet pills; I have high blood pressure, so, caffeine is out of the question for me, and it was hard to find a good diet pill before I discovered this one. It mainly worked as appetite suppressor, so it made me lose weight due to controlling my hunger, plain and simple. People get overweight and have troubles getting thinner usually due to their excessive eating, I had the same situation, so, after starting to take these pills, I was able to control myself and restrain from eating too much, so exercises finally gave me positive results, and I became thinner.

This product did nothing at all for me, I even felt hungrier when taking them. I did everything as recommended, and I did try to keep a diet, but still nothing. I found out that this pill is no longer produced, and there's no wonder - it was absolutely useless, maybe, people refused to buy more of it after trying it once. I saw they replaced it with a similar pill, now with stimulants, but I wouldn't trust it, I've had enough bad experience with AdL, so, no, thanks.

I wasted $60 on this totally inefficient weight loss product just to find out that it didn't' work. I did everything as said in the directions, and was taking it during 8 weeks, which is quite a long period of time, enough to get some significant results. Maybe it was good for some people, but not for me.